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  LAFSL Holdings and Resources  
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LAFSL Holdings and Resources

LAFSL Floor Plan

This Web page is a work in progress.

Patrons may suggest, by e-mail, additional major holdings and/or resources to be added.

You may use the online Family History Library Catalog to
find the information about microfilm, microfiche and books.

Call numbers or Dewey Decimal System
Content Search of Books at the LAFSL

    Military - 973 M2a to M3hc
    Spanish Pedigrees - 38 Volumes - 979.4 D3dac

    Jewish Book Collection
    It is on the north wall next to the computers. Search the Jewish book collection HERE.

    Polish Book Collection
    It is on the east wall across from the microfilm readers. Search the Polish book collection HERE.

    Rare Book Collection
    It is across from the Welcome Desk.

    Reference Book Collection
    It is across from the Welcome Desk.

    See the genealogy classes and courses that are scheduled on the New LAFSL Home page at

    Classroom Facilities: Two large new classrooms will be used for training and for beginning, intermediate, and advanced family history courses that teach the most current family history research methods.

    Video Conferencing: The computer laboratory is uniquely designed to support video conferencing technology. As a result, classes can be received from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or the Riverton Family Search Library and taught real time at the Los Angeles Facility. Conversely, programming may originate from Los Angeles and be distributed to distant Family History Libraries.

    Online classes that include holdings of the LAFSL are at
The monitor screens for all the computers have 11 icons that have all the computer and Internet resources at the LAFSL. Click on each of the 11 icons and see all the resources from HERE. There are 5 special computers next to the microfilm readers that may be used for DOS applications, has a different screen that also has active icons and is shown HERE.

Free use of fee-based websites such as Ancestry, Footnote and Heritage Quest as seen on

The Map Room has only maps. See the location of the Map Room HERE on the lower left. In the Map Room there are maps for various countries and laminated Ordinance Survey Landranger Maps of England and Wales which were purchased overseas.
The map books are in the Book Room. The oversized map books are on the shelves on the east wall. Oversized atlases are next to them on the north wall.

Use the Microfiche by Number Search to determine if a microfiche is at the LAFSL.
Also use the Content Search of Fiche at the LAFSL to determine if a microfiche is at the LAFSL.
The Family History Library microfiche numbers will have a range of 6000000 to 6999999.

    • An exclusive LAFSL microfiche series starts with 8000000 has the 1970-1989 CA marriage indexes.
      An exclusive LAFSL microfiche series starts with 38000000 has CA death indexes for 1930-1939 on 38000100.
      An exclusive LAFSL microfiche series starts with 39000000 and is CA info files, SF, CA newspapers index on 39000043.

    • CITY DIRECTORIES - United States 1813-1861 City Directories on microfiche starting with FHL #6,043,501.

    • SUTRO LIBRARY CATALOG - Microfiche LAFSL #8,000,037 covers the genealogical holdings of the Sutro Library in San Francisco. Important because their genealogical materials and directories are available through public libraries on interlibrary loan.

    • CALIFORNIA - Statewide marriages index, Marriages 1970-1989. Starts with fiche LAFSL #8,000,002.

      Records cover 1871-1915 for births and to 1916 for Marriages, and 1871-1933 for deaths.
      The indexes are on FHL #6,016,532 & 33.

    • ILLINOIS - Death Index, 1916-1938, microfiche FHL #6,016,862.
      Land Tract Sales on microfiche FHL #6,016,848.

    • NEW YORK - New York Historical Society Abstracts, Wills, City of NY, microfiche FHL #6,046,928

    • NORTH CAROLINA INDEX TO MARRIAGE BONDS - Covers period 1741-1868, and contain microfiche indexes to 170,000 N.C. Marriage Bonds. FHL #6,330,241.

    • OREGON - Vital Indexes, death, marriage and divorce, 1960 - 1991, on microfiche LAFSL #40,000,001 - 15.

    • VIRGINIA - Virginia Historical Index by SWEM on microfiche FHL #6,046,961.

    • BRITISH AND IRISH BIOGRAPHIES - 1840 - 1940 on microfiche FHL #6,342,001.

    • BRITISH - BIOGRAPHIES - The British Biographical Archive, 1600 - 1900 on microfiche FHL #6,029,709 - 35 and #6,066,966.

    • BRITISH FILM AREA - This area contains films (other than census) for England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. (DOES NOT INCLUDE IRELAND, which is in the Ireland Film Area.) Use the FHLC.BRITISH ISLES - SOURCES: National Inventory of Documentary Sources in The United Kingdom on microfiche FHL #6,341,118.

    • EUROPEAN FILM AREA - Films for Germany, Poland and all of Europe.German gazetteer: Meyer's Orts on fiche FHL #6,000,001-029 and Mullers on fiche FHL #6,000,350-354 (Only Neu- to end). In book Ref 943 E5w - 3 volumes.

    • IRELAND 1901 CENSUS STREET INDEX - On microfiche FHL #6035493 - 95.

    • IRELAND - GARZETTEER - Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland on fiche FHL #6,020,358-381.

    • WELSH GENEALOGIES - Index is on microfiche FHL #6,025,561 that covers the period 300 AD to 1400 AD.
Use the Microfilm by Number Search to determine if a microfilm is at the LAFSL.
Also use the Content Search of Film at the LAFSL to determine if a microfilm is at the LAFSL.
The Family History Library microfilm numbers will have a range of 1 to 2600000.

      Deaths Indexes 1905-1939 on FHL #1,686,044 to 1,686,050. The codes for the counties are HERE

      Vital records index, Barbour Collection FHL #2,887 to 2,984

      Early Name Index 1810-1855, FHL #1,001,212 to 1,001,259 and 1,001,369 to 1,001,801 with breaks. Has names found in early state and federal censuses records and many other types of records.

      Vital Records Index, Barton Collection FHL #341,195 to 341,218.

      Birth Indexes: FHL #1,315,311 to 1,315,320 & 1,322,457 to 1,322,621 and many more. Use the FHCL.
      Death Indexes: FHL #1,324,912 to 1,324,931 and many more. Use the FHCL

    • NEW YORK STATE - VOSBURGH COLLECTION OF CHURCH RECORDS - About 90 microfilm rolls of various church records for the State of New York. FHL #17,442 to 17,501.

    • NORTH CAROLINA - McCubbin Collection of families on microfilms FHL #19828 to 19903.

    • RHODE ISLAND - Vital records on film, FHL #22,431 to 22,472 & the Briggs collection on FHL #22,293 to 22,317

    • VERMONT - Vital records on film, FHL #27,455 to 27,741

    • IRELAND - CENSUS SUBSTITUTES - Griffith's Valuation Lists and Tithe Applotments are called census substitutes. They are relatively complete and are in the Ireland Film Area. Tithes cover about 1823-38 and Griffiths about 1848-64. On microfilm FHL #919,001 to 919,007.

      Complete on 149 rolls of film under FHL #100,103 to 100,249, indexed in Virginia McAnlis, The Consolidated Index to the Records of the Genealogical Office Dublin, Ireland.

    • IRELAND - LAND RECORDS INDEX - For the period 1708-1904. Actual deeds of Ireland, 1708-1847, are also on microfilm. Index of the deeds, leases and other miscellaneous records for 1708-1904. The collection is on FHL #100,251 to 100,729. This large collection requires you to use the FHLC to find the correct film. Enter FHL #100,251 in the FHLC to locate and determine the records and microfilms available.

      Scottish - Scotland Research
      An exclusive LAFSL Scottish microfilm series will start with 40000909.

LAFSL Floor Plan

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