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Priesthood Leader Training Course

Offered by the LAFHL

Located at the Los Angeles Family History Library

Family History/Genealogy Courses for Priesthood Leaders

The mission of the Los Angeles Family History Library or LAFHL, is to provide:

1. A facility where effective family history research can be conducted;

2. Quality training in genealogical research and computer technology for priesthood leaders, those with family history callings, and others who have a desire to learn or improve their skills in meeting their personal genealogy goals; and

3. A resource for Stake Presidents and Bishops to help promote family history research among ward members:

"And He shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the
fathers and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers." D&C 2:2

The LAFHL will work with you to schedule the classes at a time that is best for you (such as some evening during the week, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday evening). If you desire for your stake leadership to take this training please call Richard McBride at 310-474-9990 or submit a request below. The classes are each two hours.

Class 1. Family History Priesthood Leader Duties and Beginning PAF/Ancestral Quest

Attendees should come with at least two/three generations of their family data.

First Hour:

Basic Priesthood Leader Family History Training

The basics of managing priesthood Temple and family history work in stakes and wards will be presented. When teaching stake leaders we will just cover the duties of the Stake Presidency, High Council, and Stake Family History Consultant. When ward leaders are present, we will cover the duties of the Bishopric, Elders Quorum President, High Priests Group Leader, and the Ward Family History Consultant.

Second Hour:

Learn how to use PAF/Ancestral Quest:

Learn how to enter your own family history into the PAF/Ancestral Quest program and view, edit, organize and backup that information.

Members may download at home PAF 5.2 at no cost from A free version of 'Ancestral Quest Basic' can be downloaded from Ancestral Quest is a more advanced version of PAF 5.2.

Class 2. Learning to use New FamilySearch and finding Birth, Death and Marriage Records.

First Hour:

Learning to use New FamilySearch::

1. Learn to combine the records for ancestral family members.

2. Learn how to print out "Family Ordinance Requests" from the New FamilySearch.

Second Hour:

Searching for Birth, Death and Marriage Records:

Learn how to find Birth, Death and Marriage Records from,,, other websites and microfilm.

Schedule Training

To schedule training please call Richard D. McBride at 310-474-9990 or submit a request below and he will contact you to schedule your stake leadership training.

Request to Schedule

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