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  LAFSL Rules and Procedures  

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  LAFSL Rules and Procedures  

Los Angeles FamilySearch Library Rules and Procedures for Use
The Los Angeles FamilySearch Library offers its services to the public with the understanding that those who use the facilities will abide by the guidelines governing such use. Please observe the following rules and procedures so that all patrons can successfully use the facilities:


The Los Angeles FamilySearch Library is provided for the purpose of doing family history/genealogical research. In the library all patrons are responsible for their personal conduct to promote an environment that encourages all Library patrons to be responsible for their personal safety, the safety of the children in their care, the security of their personal belongings and the respect of others.

The following are Library standards:

1. Library patrons will be engaged in normal activities associated with its use. Users not engaged in reading, studying, research, meeting, or using Library resources appropriately may be asked to leave the building.

2. Children below school age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Library staff is not responsible for the care, safety, and supervision of children.

3. Library patrons will respect the rights and privacy of other patrons and library staff. Patrons will not annoy others through noisy or boisterous activities, cell phone use, monopolizing resources, or other behavior that may reasonably result in the disturbance of others.

4. Library patrons are expected to wear appropriate clothing while in the Library, including shirts and shoes. Personal hygiene will conform to the standards of the community for public places. This includes the repair or cleanliness of clothing and bodily hygiene.

5. Physical, sexual or verbal harassment of other Library users, Library staff and volunteers will not be tolerated.

6. Smoking or other tobacco use is not allowed in library buildings and on the grounds.

7. No food or drink is allowed outside of the Snack Area. On special occasions only food is allowed in the classroom for classes. Please do not use the drinking fountain for the washing or rinsing of your dishes.

8. Pets or animals, other than service animals, may not be brought into the Library.

9. Library patrons will not interfere with the free passage of others in or onto Library premises including, but not limited to, placing objects such as bicycles, skateboards or leashed animals in areas where they may impede movement.

10. Library staff and/or local Temple Security officers will intervene when standards for user conduct are not being met.

11. A library director may exclude from the use of the library under his charge any person who willfully and persistently violates any rule or regulation prescribed for the use of the library or its facilities or any person whose physical condition is deemed dangerous or offensive to other library users.


1. Check in at the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library (LAFSL) Welcome Desk.

2. Please maintain a pleasant and quiet atmosphere in the library. Children under twelve must be kept under the control of their parents. The staff is made up of volunteers. No one is paid for services rendered. If someone is unable to provide you with satisfactory answers, remember no one individual knows everything about the library or genealogy. This is a private facility operated by the church for your benefit. Your courtesy and consideration at all times is appreciated.

3. Pager beepers and cell phone ringers are to be turned off and not to be used inside the library.

4. Handle the computers, equipment, books, and other materials carefully.


5. Please don't touch the screens of the computer monitors.

6. The Welcome desk has 4G Flash drives for sale for $10, a cable to connect your laptop to
the network and the Internet for a $3 deposit and an external floppy drive for a $20 deposit.

7. Use the correct software disconnect procedures before you remove your flash drive.

8. Flat bed scanner use in the Computer Area - use only the dedicated computer for scanning.

9. All printouts from the computers must be picked up and paid for at the Welcome Desk before you leave the LAFSL.


10. Sign up to use a microfilm reader on the sheet at the Film Desk across from the Welcome Desk.

11. Microfilm readers are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Do not displace someone else because they have your "favorite" reader. Do not hold your reader if you are going to be absent longer than a few minutes.

12. Only one box of microfilm is to be used by a patron at any one time. A block placeholder with your film machine number must be used when you take your film from the cabinets.

13. If a reader is faulty, report it immediately. Do not attempt to adjust or repair it.

14. If the print copies you obtain from either microfilm or microfiche are readable, and additional copies are requested, then all copies must be paid for at the Welcome Desk. Items you place on your flash drive are paid for at the Welcome Desk.

15. Place your orders for microfilm or microfiche at the Welcome Desk.

16. Sign up to use a scanner on the sheet at the Film Desk across from the Welcome Desk.


17. Only five books may be in use at any one time. Return books to the Book Room and place them on the book cart.

18. When copying pages from a book, do not press the spine of the book down as it weakens the binding.


21. The patrons' personal belongings are their responsibility at all times. A lost and found box is maintained at the Welcome Desk. Patrons may use the lockable Patron Lockers.

22. All films and books are to be returned to film drawers and book cart ten minutes prior to closing. No later than five minutes before closing, all patrons will be expected to gather their belongings and be out of the building by closing time.


23. Maps must be maintained in their proper order. Looking at the maps require you to ask a person at the Help Desk to accompany you to the Map Room.

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